Lackimont - varnishing and mounting stand

a new product from Germany.

Lackieren oder Bearbeiten ohne Demontage der Innenverkleidung möglich.

Bei Montage / Demontage oder Schleifarbeiten, gut zu bearbeiten durch stabilen Stützfuss.

Stabilisierung bei Türen mit Gelenkscharnieren.

Füller- und Lackierarbeiten von beiden Seiten ohne Behinderung.

Unsere Lackimont Lackier- und Montageständer.

Specifically designed for:
Car Painter, garages and
body - contractors.

a quality product made ​​in Germany.

- variably adjustable brackets
- significant time and cost savings
- simplified masking tape inside
- easy installation and removal


Lackimont the paint and assembly stand allows easy editing of any vehicle door,
also with fitted interior lining and thus saves significant time and money.

No disturbing transverse or longitudinal struts in a freely accessible work area
on both sides of the door.

By the solid construction, the vehicle door always safe and simple
to transport and manipulate.

Lackimont with fender holder